Lettuce Go for a Bike Ride

August 15th, 2009 | Posted by Alison in Healthy Habits

Having gotten my run in last night, I was just plum in the mood to go for a bike ride this morning.

Pre Ride Plum

I didn’t want to go too far or too long because I had plans to hit up the Farmer’s Market at the end.

I rode around town and just shy of 40 minutes rolled into the Farmer’s Market about a mile and a half from home. It’s held in the parking lot of church and I always pay careful attention to where I park lest I’m struck dead by lightening.

Thou Shall Not Park Here

I soaked in the beautiful sites.



I enjoyed a little donut sample… a donut PEACH that is!

Donut Peach Sample

I filled my back pack with tomatoes, cukes, blueberries, peaches, plums, a green pepper and topped it all off with three heads of romaine lettuce.

Lettuce Man said “That’ll be some salad!”

Yeah. A salad I’m going to DRINK, Lettuce Man.

Lettuce Put on Our Back Pack

Let’s roll. Or, better yet, lettuce roll.

Lettuce Ride

I got home and unpacked my loot and promptly sunk my teeth into this yellow guy.

yellow plum

And then I ate 3 more. Thou Shall Not Judge Me.

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